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Two-Factor Authentication: Clef Shutdown

Two-Factor Authentication Clef Plugin to Shutdown 6/6/2017

Clef has been a leading two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress sites. Unfortunately, Clef has announced that this plugin is coming to an end with a final shutdown date of 6/6 (official blog post here). Everything will remain fully functional and maintained until that date, at which point the mobile apps will cease functioning and be removed from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

If you are a current Clef user, it is recommended that you begin transitioning away from Clef as your preferred login method as soon as possible. Clef has written a guide to transition from using Clef to another form of two-factor authentication here. Clef states they have explored every option to keep the Clef product alive and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this transition will cause.

Other Two-Factor Authentication Plugins

To help you explore other two-factor authentication options for your WordPress site, we’ve prepared a list of other plugins to handle this task for you that are also highly rated in the WordPress plugin repository. Explore and find the right two-factor authentication plugin for you.

  1. Google Authenticator by miniOrange
  2. Duo Two-Factor Authentication by Duo Security
  3. Two-Factor Authentication by David Anderson
  4. Rublon Two-Factor Authentication by Rublon
  5. Authy Two-Factor Authentication by Authy Inc

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