Website and Social Media archiving for financial advisors

Website and Social Media Archiving

Advisor Designs proudly announces foolproof website and social media archiving with PageFreezer. Our PageFreezer archiving package includes daily archiving of your company website, blog and up to 3 social media accounts. Contact Advisor Designs for your archiving proposal.

Why PageFreezer?

PageFreezer is the only tool to pass every requirement in the “Archival Acid Test” conducted by Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group at Old Dominion University. The test evaluated features which modern browsers execute well, but preservation tools often have trouble handling (such as Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 content). The results found PageFreezer outperformed web archiving services –,, (no longer functional), and WebCite – along with archiving tools Heritrix and GNU Wget.

Archive any Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

“Whether you’re seeking regulatory compliance, litigation protection or need an archive for marketing purposes, you need a website archiving solution that is accurate and complete.

PageFreezer offers an enterprise-class SaaS solution, built to support even the most complex websites, blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account all on one integrated platform.

PageFreezer provides more than just a daily snapshot of your website or social media. With PageFreezer’s customizable set-up options, you can even select real-time archiving to capture every change that is made to your site during the day. PageFreezer helps you ensure your records are secure, admissible, and complete.” – PageFreezer

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